Monday, April 25, 2011

Taste of Tropical

Hidden in the Sunset Area of San Francisco is this small and unattractive looking gelato outlet calle Marco Polo. If it wasn't our friend Jean, we would not have drive all the way to come to this place. I was never a fan of durian ice cream, as I have never tasted any that is made from fresh durian. And when I walked in to the store and decided what to buy, I saw a photo of soursop, asked the store keeper for a sample, and decided I would go with that. My wife picked the Guava and we didn't even bother to taste the durian. But after repeatedly urged by Jean, I decided to give it a try.

If you looked closely at the photo, I have actually tried them all before taking the shot. And they were all wonderful. They are not merely great tasting ice cream, but they brough out the favour of the real things.

The guava taste just like guava juice that was very popular when many years ago in Malaysia. I think it is still one of the more popular drinks now a days.

As for the soursop, I think it's the best way to taste the fruit. The favor is so intense and real, sweet with that pleasant sourness.

And last but not least, the durian gelato is the king. It reminds me of the durian kuih (concentrated durian paste) made by my grandma. You know it's real durian, but it isn't really equivalent to eating real durian. However, it is a whole new experience, and it doesn't make the whole place smelly, nor force you to brush your teeth 10 times before going out to meet other people.

This will no doubt be a must stop for us every time we go in town in the future.

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