Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crawfish at Crabdaddy

This past weekend, after touring a few houses with our real estate agents in San Jose, we stopped by a new place called Crabdaddy. It was mentioned to us by our friends who happened to just left San Francisco a month before we arrived.

We arrived at the restaurant just the time it was suppose to start it's business. However, there was a closed sign hanging outside, with some paper posted on the glass wall. Since all the glass was tinted, we really couldn't see inside. Without coming down to check, we thought it has been closed down or relocated. So we started looking for alternative and decided to try another restaurant. When we were just driving away, suddenly we saw the signed has been flipped and now it said "OPEN"! The staffs must have arrived late or something. We immediately drove back to the restaurant and we were so glad we did.

There many items on a one sheet menu. But I believe their main attraction is their Boiled Crawfish, dipped in spicy Cajun broth or source. And there are four level of spiciness. The also have shrimps and Alaskan Crab served in the same source. We went with a pound of crawfish, some deep fried oysters and Cajun fries. The crawfish came in a double plastic bag filled with the source. Crawfish is like mini lobster. Just that they are very small and not much meat in it. The head has all kind of stuff in it and kind of juicy. You can squeeze out something from the craws but since they didn't provide any tool, I guess you aren't expected to do anything with them.

The source is also filled with garlic, and it is quite spicy despite we only went with Medium, next to Mild. If you plan to visit friends afterward, make sure you take something to neutralize the garlic.

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