Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ritz Carlton at Half Moon Bay

It was a warm Sunday afternoon, the day before the Independence Day. After church service and lunch in Milpitas, our friend suggested we should go to Half Moon Bay to cool off. At the time we left, it was about 94 degree in San Jose.

This was our second trip to Half Moon Bay. The first time we were there, we managed to find beach with paid parking. However the beach wasn't very pleasing. This time, we went South of Route 92 to the Ritz Carlton. Our friend, being there before directed us straight to the guard house leading in to the hotel. We asked for a parking pass to go to the Coastal Access. With the passcode, we were able to park our car at the parking structure for free. From there we could get to the hotel, the cliff, and also go down to a beautiful stretch of beach. It's indeed a not so well known spot in Half Moon Bay. Before we left, we also witness a Sunset wedding right on the cliff next to the hotel.

When we got to Half Moon Bay about 45 minutes after we left San Jose, the temperature around at the Pacific Coast were at least 20 degree lower. It was indeed a brilliant idea to go there an cool off.

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