Friday, September 10, 2010

Peninsula Open Space Preserve

This past Labor Day weekend, we took an afternoon to venture to the West side of Route 84 off of I-280. I have heard from a coworker the mountain are nice and the drive is windy.

We headed up hill and in deed the roads are very windy, not unlike our previous trip to the Big Basin National Park.

However when we reached a certain point, where we found a restaurant at a cross road, we decided to head back. We didn't really have any destination and our cell phones have lost all signal for us to look up any place of interest. Relying on our GPS, we were brough to a stretch of Old Honda Rd where the width of the road barely allow one car to go by. It was heading up the hill. At one point, there was no tree but the dried out grass. I suddenly felt nerveous because I have no idea where it is taking us to and I can't see behind a turn. So I decided to turn back and take a bigger road.

On our way back on Skyline, we past by a parking lot and decided to stop and look at the scenery. We stumbled onto a place called the Pennisula Open Space Preseve - Windy Peak. That may not be the exact name and I will have to look it up. After only a 10 minutes hike, we are at a peak where we can see the whole valley on one side, and the pacific ocean on the other. It was indeed breath taking . I am glad we found this place and we will definitely return whenever we feel like looking at the great scene again.

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